Diffuser system

Diffused Aeration Systems for Biological Wastewater Treatment

Diffused air systems are a primary component of most modern activated sludge plants.The AIROX® brand from Eurovacuum Products  offers a complete line of coarse and fine bubble diffusers. They provide efficient aeration and mixing, especially in deeper tanks.Wastewater aeration systems must oxygenate the effluent to enable biological flora to develop. Our diffuser options give you maximum design flexibility, and optimised performance and efficiency.

Where bottom aeration does not sufficiently mix the tank, a mixer must be installed to keep the solid particles suspended and to ensure correct homogenization and oxygen transfer.

Eurovacuum Products offer a design optimisation service which allows the diffuser performance curves to be optimised against our aeration blower range.  This ensures that both are operating at optimum efficiency and achieves the lowest whole life cost of the treatment system.

Our design engineers can help with the selection of air blowers as well as aeration system.