Single stage SC series side channel blowers are made of painted aluminium alloy. This product line is produced in S single-stage in series version. The single stage side channel blower does not need any lubrication because there is no contact between the static and the rotating components and bearings are permanently prelubricated. Blowers can work vertically and horizontally as well while working in compression as in suction.

The devices are manufactured according to the following norms: EN2006/42, EN ISO 12100;2010, EN 60204-1:2006+AC:2010, EN2014/35 e EN2014/30 and according to the following ones EN-61000-64:2007 and EN61000-6-2:2005, compliant to 2004/108/CE norm.

Additionally, the complete range is UL certified. Certificate number QDGS2.E497559

ModelMotor Size (Kw)Flow (m3/h)Max diff vacuum (mbarg.)Max diff pressure (mbar)
SC201MF 0480125125
SC401MF0.85, 1.3140225200
SC501MF1.5, 2.2210225275
SC531MF1.5, 2.2270225225
SC601MF2.2, 3, 4320325325
SC631MF1.6, 2.2, 3, 4405250300
SC602MF4, 5.5, 7.5500225325
SC701MF4, 5.5, 7.5540325450
SC731MF4, 5.5, 7.5700250275
SC802MF7.5, 11900300325
SC9018.5, 12.5, 18.51050350475
SC931MF8.5, 12.5, 18.51350300325
SC51MF15, 20, 252100300275

Side channel blowers and exhausters-standard version

The standard series has the following features:

  • Housing and impellers in die-cast aluminium alloy

Asynchronous, multi-voltage and multi-frequency motors with the following characteristics:

  • IP 55
  • H Class
  • S1
  • NSK bearings (made in Japan)
  • TP thermal protectors
  • Apt to work with inverter
  • IE2 efficiency class
  • RAL9006 painting

IE2-circle   IE3-circle

  ATEX Blower Certificate


Vacuum packing machines, surgical extraction for dentistry and hospitals, mixing and dosage of resin for dentistry, silk screen printing machines, automatic feeder machines for book-binding, wood presses, drilling machines used in the construction industry, precious metal vacuum casting machines, dental field, graphic and paper industry, CNC marble and glass machines, vacuum lifting machines, garage equipment.

Metal polishing machines, vacuum welding of precious metals, packing machines, glass and marble lifting systems, vacuum bottling machines, packaging machines, loading and paper feeding, labelling, equipment for suction handling, automatic machines, machines for vacuum packed food-processing and mixing, vacuum thermal moulding, garage equipment, centralised vacuum plant installations.