In addition to our standard product range we design, develop and manufacture customised pumping solutions.

Degassing systems: Eurovacuum Products De-gassing Vacuum Systems are used to remove  air from a high viscosity materials before using. Particulary useful when casting clear materials. These easy to use vacuum desiccators chambers are from thick wall aluminum and have a see-through lid on the top. Designed in mind for the versatile mold maker.

These chambers can be used for the laminating processes where the vacuum pump should be protected from the resin that might enter into the vacuum piping.  For these applications  the chamber will be build with a second hose connection piece.

Duplex Vacuum System for Degassing Application

Partial Recirculation Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System

Once Through Liquid Ring Vacuum system

Closed Loop Liquid Ring Vacuum system

Our skid mounted products are designed and engineered in order to fulfill special requirements of different market segments.


The main applications are:

  • Power generation.
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical and petrochemical Steel plants
  • Technical gas compression

Packaged systems are designed on customer’s requirements and are equipped with our vacuum pumps using the latest technologies and industry standards. For oil and gas application, pumps are manufactured according to API 681 (1st edition) standards.