Turbo blower

Each I.VA.CO. centrifugal turbo-blower is manufactured with the maximum attention to details and using the highest quality material, subject to strict quality controls.

The balance of each components and sub-assembly is guaranteed at every stage of the assembly process.
The entire unit is then subject to a testing phase to evaluate the released vibration and the generated noise, in order to ensure the best performances. Each turbo-blower meets our high standards of quality.

Technical features

Compact design
IEC approved engines
Energy effi ciency
Quiet operation
Long lasting and reliable



Flow rate: 100-6.400 (m3/h)

Pressure: +10 ÷ +360 (mbar rel.)

Vacuum: 50 ÷ -300 (mbar rel.

  • Drying with air knives
  • Canning industry
  •  Drying bottling and packaging applications for food
  • Drying air e gas handling
  • Tiles drying
  • Plastic drying