Eurovacuum Products is committed to offering its customers quality vacuum pump and air blower service/repair at realistic prices. Being an independent company its not in our best interest to try and sell new pumps to a customer when existing equipment can be repaired to a high standard at a fraction of the cost of buying new. We ensure that your investment is protected by offering timely and efficient vacuum pump maintenance and service.

Our Service Departments offers:

  • Complete vacuum pump maintenance, repair and overhaul of the brands represented by us
  • Fully equipped workshop
  • On site service and maintenance of other brands such as Busch , Becker or  Elmo-Rietschle (Siemens, Nash-Elmo, Nash)
  • Planning and supply of service exchange and back up pumps from our pump pool to reduce down time for FREE of charge
  • Fully stocked vacuum pump spare parts warehouse
  • Reliable repair, where every pump is fully tested to offer the manufacturer’s working condition
  • World wide service coordination
  • Continuous improvement and training of service personnel
  • Eurovacuum Products is the official service provider for Eurovacuum B.V. and  I.VA.CO. Srl

Get in Touch

Our customers are important to us and are free to call us any time for help or advice with any vacuum related issues, and if we can we will be only too pleased to do so.